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September 2020 Blog



Having just agreed our first sale on a property since becoming The Lettings and Sales Business in July, we share some key stages of selling your home


Within the first block viewing of one of our listed homes, an offer was made and the buyers’ solicitor is now on the case. It’s an incredibly successful start to our sales journey.


The sale reaffirmed to us why we started our business in the first place. We’ve put together some useful points to consider when selecting a good agent to position your property within the market.



Finding the right agent

It’s not always easy to suss out the morals and values of an agency upon your first interactions with them. You should do your research. Check out their reviews and see if their properties are presented with quality photos and information.


Selling and buying a home is possibly the biggest transaction many people will ever make. This is why it’s a good idea to get to know your estate agent by meeting in person.


A lot of agencies tend to be target driven. Our team, however, focuses on being informative, helpful and ensuring that we understand what our sellers and buyers require. This way, stress and disruptions are kept to a minimum for all parties.


Entering the property market can be a daunting, but exciting experience. Yet it can be that many estate agencies forget this. We put our efforts into maintaining that excitement.


As an independent Midlands agency, we are very involved in the day to day running of The Lettings and Sales Business. All our clients can call, text or email us morning to evening and expect a response.



Having your property valued

Overvaluing a property can be detrimental to the success of its sale. It could be an agent’s attempt to secure your custom if you’ve had lower valuations elsewhere.


A valuation higher than the property’s true worth could mean steadily increasing costs for the seller. The inflated price tag could mean the home spends more time on the market. It can then lead to delays, which therefore lead to irritation and impatience, especially for those in chains.


This causes frustration for sellers and decreases their confidence in the desirability of the much-loved property they’re moving on from.


The price, of course, comes down to the decision of the seller. If they wish to list at a price higher than our valuation, we can accommodate this but will always offer our most honest, experienced opinion throughout their journey with us.


If you believe your property has been overvalued, check the price of others in your area. If you’re still in doubt, get a second opinion.



Finding the right buyer

There can be nothing worse for a vendor than being swamped with viewings with no substance. A good estate agent will match their buyers to their properties from the outset.


Valuing properties correctly and having meaningful conversations with buyers will filter out any time wasters. This approach will also ensure that a buyer has the budget to be able to proceed with the property that they are interested in.


As property sales professionals, we take a quality over quantity approach. We would rather provide our sellers with a handful of quality viewings than a host of buyers who are not serious.





In other news

The Lettings and Sales Business has become a Patron of the East Midlands Chamber of Commerce for Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire.


It’s been a very promising first year with rapid growth. We now want to increase our visibility in the East Midlands business community. Joining the Chamber as a patron is a fantastic way to achieve this.


What’s more, due to demand from clients, we are now taking on a satellite office in Birmingham. We’re eager to further enhance our reputation as a Midlands agent in this way.


We are also excited to have been inundated with valuation requests since we launched our sales arm. It means we have lots of stock coming on, so watch this space!





Jaz and Narinder

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