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With first time buyers at more of a disadvantage than ever before, it’s unsurprising the average UK tenancy length is increasing year upon year.

Government figures from 2017 show that leaseholders are no longer just looking for temporary accommodation as a stopgap before they find their “forever home.” Instead, they are spending an average of four years in every rental property they occupy. 

This means their requirements for that property have also changed. In short, renters are no longer just looking for a house—four walls and roof to go over their heads—they’re looking for a home. 

So, as a landlord, how can you decorate the interior of your investment property to attract prospective tenants? 

Follow our top five tips, and they will have their feet under your rug in no time! 


1. Keep Things Minimalist

Clutter makes even the largest of rooms feel small and cramped.

Besides, if your sideboards are covered with trinkets, where are they going to put their own belongings?

Our advice: Don’t overcrowd or overcomplicate things. Simply, have one or two statement pieces to lend a bit of character to the place (a painting, perhaps, or a vase), but don’t go over the top.

No two viewers will like exactly the same things. So, play it safe with the decor. This helps to ensure your property appeals to as broad an audience as possible. 


2. Proportion is Key

Always consider the size of the space you’re working with.

So, don’t try to squeeze a king-sized bed into a box room—that will only make it look smaller! 

If floor space is tight, get creative with storage. Why not put up some shelves and invest in furniture with built-in storage? 


3. Use Colour to Your Advantage

Decorate the walls with colours that make rooms look bigger and brighter. Pure white often looks clinical (not to mention, it’s a pain to keep clean), so we’d suggest sticking to soft neutrals and pale pastels. 

A well-placed mirror can also open a room up.

For instance, to make the most of the light, place one near the window. This reflects the sunshine and the view and gives the space a brighter feel.  

Conversely, to make rooms feel warm and cosy, try adding a touch of cream, yellow or green. A deep, wine-coloured red makes for a bolder choice, but will often magnify the effect.


4. Curtains

If you have the budget for them, opt for properly fitted curtains made from good quality material.

These tend to look more upmarket than slatted wooden blinds, which often exude blandness.


5. Appeal to All Five Senses

For many viewers, your property is unlikely to be the first they’ve viewed – but you should do everything in your power to make sure it’s the last! 

Pay close attention to the textures you use, as well as the colours, to ensure your fittings draw the eye.

For instance, make sure the furnishings are soft and comfortable. You could even consider installing thick carpets and curtains to reduce the amount of external noise.

Also, we suggest a subtle air fragrance in every room, to give your property a fresh feel to it.


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