The Top 5 Needs of Professional Working Tenants

Needs of Professional Working Tenants

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Suppose you’ve been in the property management game for any length of time. 

You will probably be well aware that professional tenants are like gold dust to landlords. 

Of course, we can’t generalise. 

But usually, professional tenants don’t miss their rental payments and keep the space clean; causing minimum hassle for you – the property owner.

Attracting gold-standard tenants can be difficult.

However, if you know what they’re looking for in a property, this will go a long way to creating a more attractive offer. 

With that in mind, here are five things working professionals are looking for in a rental property.



  • Technology


These days, good Wi-Fi is a given wherever you are. 

Still, most professionals are pretty tech-savvy and have come to expect a certain level of modernity in their homes. 

We’re talking fast Wi-Fi, Bluetooth capabilities, and modern appliances that enable tenants to do everything they need for work without commuting to the office.

This may sound costly on your part, but providing modern appliances and gadgets is often a clincher for prospective business people looking for a new place to call home.



  • Local Amenities


Most professional tenants want a rental with something nearby where they can escape to for a change of scenery. 

Specifically, if you’re catering to a family of professionals, be sure to highlight the local schools, colleges, nurseries or playgroups. 

Or, for single professionals you could showcase the nearby bars, pubs and clubs. 

Either way, bring to their attention a variety of appealing local amenities that will ultimately help, not hinder, the type of tenant you’re looking to attract.



  • Well-Presented


A hard-working professional is unlikely to be drawn to a dated, shabby rental property. 

Likewise, if you’re serious about securing a professional tenant, ensure your property is professionally managed and well-maintained. 

Sometimes, a lick of paint may be all it takes. 

Nonetheless, be aware and properly know your portfolio of properties. 

Once you establish your properties’ needs, consider an overhaul before putting it out there on the market.



  • Transport Links


Depending on your location, transport links may be an absolute necessity for a professional tenant with a daily commute. 

That means if you are close to train stations, bus routes, or tram links, you should be shouting about them from the rooftops. 

Sure, it could be negative in some people’s eyes. But, if you’re marketing your rental towards working professionals, highlighting viable transport links will undoubtedly work in your favour.



  • Parking 


In most cities, parking is at an absolute premium – which is not ideal!

And, so many properties do not even have the luxury of on-site parking at all. 

As a matter of fact, if you can offer parking, or better yet, parking at the property itself, you’re likely to attract massive interest from professionals who rely on their car to get too and from work.


Final Thoughts

Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list – there are many other things you can do to appeal to professional tenants. But, this should serve as a great starting point to securing your dream residents!


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