Property Management

Here at Fraser Stretton, based on our extended experience, we understand what it takes for your property to succeed in the housing market. As established estate agents, our success comes from being open and honest, which is why we’re completely transparent from the get go. This transparency gives you peace of mind that your investments are being properly managed with our uncomplicated service, including regular inspections, repairs and maintenance, registrations and more. And if that doesn’t put you at ease, we help you take care of all your little day-to-day repairs, manage your financial accounting in relation to your properties and take care of any major projects.

If you’ve purchased your investment property and you know you want to rent it out to tenants, you need certain assurances to act on your decision and have the peace of mind that you offer. Our expert team of agents aim to give you a stress-free experience – one that keeps you in the loop and keeps you in full control while taking away the day to day responsibilities towards potential tenants. We’ll show your prospective tenants around, properly screen them to make sure they’re a good fit for your property and collect rent on your behalf and deposit it straight into your bank account. Even before all these after tenancy activities, we can successfully market your property to a respectful list of prospective tenants and we understand ever-changing trends in the local market; so you can rest easy knowing your property is in safe hands. 

Lettings Assessment

Before starting our long-term partnership with you, we offer a free, no obligation property assessment where one of our friendly agents will come out and visit your property and make recommendations that could potentially increase the value.

For an instant lettings valuation, check out our online tool here.

The Right Tenants For You

We will only match the most suitable tenants that cater to your needs.

Our impressive database means we’re ready to contact and/or reach potential tenants right away and filter out those who are not genuinely interested. Your protection is our concern; so we will ensure the necessary credit checks are made and collect credible references, from employers and previous landlords, to minimise any potential risks that could occur, which means you’ll never be left out of pocket!

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