Top Traits Of A Good Letting Agent To Market Your Property

Traits of a Good Letting Agent

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So, you need to find an agent to market your property and find some fitting tenants.

Whether you have several properties to let or just one, it’s important to have full confidence in anyone you hire. Here are our suggestions of the most important traits to look for in a good letting agent.



Although larger agents have much to offer, any letting agent who knows the local market well is worth their weight in gold.

For example, knowledge of the rental value of other recently rented, comparable properties is hugely significant.

Similarly, an agent who is aware of all available letting options nearby at any given time is very useful.

Equally, knowing the pros and cons of alternative properties and how the rental values relate to your property will assist tremendously in optimising your own rental yield.



Another critical trait that any letting agent should possess is close attention to detail and it’s not just a case of finding a prospective tenant.

For instance, it would be understandable to jump at the chance of letting your property to anyone willing to pay the rent.

However, a good letting agent will take you through all the necessary checks to ensure a secure contract. 



Once someone who would like to rent your property is found, you need to be sure they’re suitable.

As such, a worthy letting agent will arrange all the necessary administration. For example, credit checks on the prospective tenants are crucial.

Equally, finding out whether your tenants are employed and legal UK residents will save a lot of potential trouble.

Another service offered by a good agent is to ensure that a direct debit to pay the rent is set up.

Furthermore, they will also arrange to secure the tenants’ deposit in the correct manner. 



A great letting agent acts as a mediator and negotiator, making sure they get all the details you need to know.

For example, knowing exactly how many people will be living in the house is essential!

Similarly, whether to allow pets is a significant decision you might need to make. For example, having a third-party letting agents deal with someone who might try to persuade you to let your property to them with 4 large Alsatian dogs or maybe even a snake or two in tow is incredibly helpful!



Letting a property to tenants is so much less hassle with a comprehensive inventory integrated into your contract.

A letting agent worth their salt is fantastic at carrying out an extensive inventory.

Consequently, the more detailed an inventory is, including furniture, equipment and the general condition of the property, the more it will save any contention at the end of the rental agreement.


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